Posted by Donna Robson on 27th Apr 2018



Hi Everyone, 

Welcome to The Waggy Dog Shop!

I'm so thrilled and excited to finally publish my website and to begin the journey of building an ethical shopping community. As I write this blog on Launch Day my shop only has one product available for sale - a book. My dream is that this book will be the first of a series that helps people to make consumer choices that benefit the lives of animals.
I started with Food and Drink and next will be Health and Beauty, Homewares and DIY, Pet Care, Fashion...the list goes on. The number of books planned for this series is in direct correlation to the amount of confusion facing good people like you who want to do the right thing when they shop. I am hoping that this information will empower you to speak for animal welfare with your dollars every time you make a purchase.

In addition to the book series, I will be gradually adding a range of exciting and stylish ethical products to my shopfront. Everything from hemp cat and dog collars, compostable doggy doo bags and eco-friendly pet toys, to t-shirts, reusable shopping bags and sustainably made homewares. It is a work in progress so I appreciate your patience!
I can guarantee you that I will only be stocking well-researched and high quality ethical products. I want to take the confusion and legwork out of finding items that you can purchase with a clear conscience. To find out about new products first, subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of any page on this website.

I will soon also be adding a Tools and Resources page that you can use to help you in your ethical shopping choices. Stay tuned for apps, letter templates, recipes, guides, How-to's and more. 

How are our shopping choices important to the safety and welfare of animals?

Having worked with not-for-profits and within the veterinary industry for many years, my experience has been that people generally want to do the right thing by animals. My wish is to help people wade through the minefield of conflicting information relating to the standards of animal welfare for the products and services they buy every week.

The underpinning message is that you don't need to turn your life upside-down to make a difference. It is better to do a little, than nothing at all.

If you are willing to ask the hard questions - Where does it come from? How is this made? Do I really need this?, then you are taking back the power to influence the world you live in. When you question the way things are done, you create the power of choice. You have the power to influence animal welfare through small everyday changes in your life. You may not be able to do everything, but every little bit helps.

You can make a difference!

My Commitment to You

By visiting this site and purchasing books and products you are already making a difference. 10% of the purchase price of every product will be donated to some of my favourite animal charities around the world. 

I will be posting a monthly blog to keep you up to date with how your donations are being spent.

If you would like to learn more about the wonderful work these organisations do, or if you would like to make a direct donation for animals, please contact the following organisations. 

Free The Bears Fund

Bali Animal Welfare Association

The Dogs’ Refuge Home WA

Oscar’s Law

Humane Society International

Wildlife SOS

Sea Shepherd Australia

WA Pet Project

Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary

Save a Horse Australia

HAART Animal Rescue

Thank you so much for being an advocate for animal welfare. Together we are their voice.

Donna x