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Product Reviews

14th April 2019

Most of us want to do the right thing when it comes to buying products and services that can reduce our impact on animals and the earth.
However there is so much 'greening' and marketing noise attached to products and services these days that it can be difficult to weed out the genuinely ethical products from those that are downright misleading.

Over the past 20 years I have gone down the rabbit hole on just about every product and service that I found claiming to be eco-friendly, earthy-friendly, green, cruelty-free - or my all time favourite 'natural'. Sometimes you only have to read the fine print on the label to realise that the buzzwords and eco-friendly claims are not backed up with an authentic commitment to environmental responsibility. Other times I've written letters to companies seeking clarification and/or assurances about certain claims. I've requested that they be open and transparent about their supply chains, their production methods and their animal welfare polices. If not, I simply don't buy from them. 

So that I can share this knowledge and experience with you and save you time (and headaches!), I will be posting regular product reviews here on my website over the coming months. I'll do the product testing and ask the hard questions to ensure that you (my Animal Lovers!) are always given product information and choices based on fact instead of hype.

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