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Food Standards

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Food Standards Australia New  Zealand (FSANZ)

European Food Safety Authority

Food Standards Agency (England, Wales & Northern Ireland)

Environmental Working Group (US-based) - Dirty Dozen. The annual Shoppers Guide to Pesticides in Produce.

Sustainable Fishing Resources

Australian Marine Conservation Society

Marine Stewardship Council - Global Impacts Report 2017

Marine Stewardship Council - Product Finder

Animal Welfare Institute - Fish Farming

Animal Welfare - Farm Animals

Animals Australia - Fact Sheets - Dairy Cows


Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Planet Ark - Positive environmental actions for everyone

Earth First - A Guide to Earth-Friendly Products and Services

World Organisation for Animal Health

Pesticide Watch - The Truth about Cats and Dogs and Lawn Chemicals




Developed by the Beagle Freedom Project, Cruelty-Cutter™ is cruelty-free shopping made simple. Cast away any doubts when purchasing items by scanning an item and having an immediate response about its animal testing status.

There are many more apps available. Check Google Play or Apple iTunes for more information.


Palm Oil Investigations

This app is free to download and available to anyone concerned about the impact of unregulated palm oil supply used in products. It makes it easier for people to choose which products to purchase at the supermarket with the app telling them immediately whether the product contains palm oil and if so, if it has been sourced ethically.



Created by Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group Choice, this free app allows you to point your phone at the top of an egg carton and it will tell you whether or not it is free-range. If it’s free-range, the app will tell you how good its free range claims are.


The Australian Seafood Guide

Download the Australian Marine Conservation Society’s free app to find out which species of fish are sustainable and which ones to avoid.