Your Choice Their Voice - Food and Drink (paperback)

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Welcome Animal Lovers!
This book is the first in an empowering series that gives you the facts you need to make easy life-style choices impacting the lives of animals all over the world. It is a non-judgmental book of information and tips for anyone who wants to make a difference - big or small.
The food and drink that is so readily available to us in supermarkets is often there at a cost to the environment and to animals. Feeding an expanding world population becomes more challenging in a changing climate where food and water resources are dwindling.
A trip to the local supermarket, restaurant or market can present a myriad of choices for those of us who wish to shop ethically. Origins of food, fair trade, preservatives, palm oil, packaging, factory farming - all of these have an impact on animals world-wide.
Subsequently the choices are endless and often overwhelming. Free-range, vegetarian, dairy-free, palm-oil free, locally produced, GMOs. The truth is you can’t tick every box, but you can make product selections that will benefit your family, animals and the environment we all live in. And by choosing food that has less packaging and has been produced and transported in a sustainable way, together we can reduce the size of our ecological footprint and help to save animals.
100 pages
The Waggy Dog Shop donates 10% of all purchases to animal charities world-wide.

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    Rick Maggi

    Posted by Rick Maggi on 6th May 2018

    Just read it - full of interesting, thought provoking ideas so that you can make a positive difference to your beloved pet, and the environment. An easy read.